Sunday, June 12, 2011

Foreign Service Exam Suggested Reading List

This is what the U.S. Department of State sent me when I contacted them back in 2011:

Current Affairs:

US NEws and World Report, the economist

some major daily newspaper

journals such as foreign affairs or foreign policy

English language usage:

The elements of style by Strunk, W and EB White

Chicago Manual of Style: the essential guide for writers, editors and publishers

US (culture, foreign policy, history, politics)

Davidson, JW Nation of Nations: A narrative history of the american republic

Feagin, JR and Feagin, CB RAcial and Ethnic Relations

Goldstein, JS and PEvehouse, JS International Relations

Hirsch ED, KEtt, JF, and Trefil, J The new dictionary of cultural literacy

Norton, MB A People and a NAtion: A History of the United States

Rosati, J The Politics of United STates Foreign Policy

Woloch, N Women and the American Experience

World History and Geography

Atlas of the World

Craig, AM The HEritage of World Civilizations

Rumer, B and Zhukov, S Central Asia: The Challenges of Independance

Skidmore, TE and Smith, PH Modern LAtin America

Economics and Public Policy

Hall, RE and Papell, DH. Macroeconomics: econoic growth, fluctuations, and policy

Mankiw, G Principles of Microeconomics

Rushefsky, ME Public Policy and the United States: At the Dawn of the 21st Century

Shultz, GP and Dam, KW Economic Policy Beyond the Headlines

Management and Human Behavior

Gerrig, RJ and Zimbardo, PG Psychology and Life

Gleitman, H Fridlund, AJ and Reisberg, D Basic Psychology

Griffin RW Fundamentals of Management: Core concepts and applications

Moorhead, G and Griffin, RW Organizational Behavior: Managing people and Organizations

Schneider, S. and Barsoux, J. Managing Across Cultures

Twomey, DP, Employment Discrimination Law: A manager's guide: text and cases

Communication and the media

Doinick, JR The Dynamics of Mass Communication: Media in the Digital AGe

Houston, B, Bruzzese, L and Weinberg, S The investigative reporter's handbook: a guide to documents, databases, and techniques

Itule, BD and Anderson, DA NEws Writing and Reporting for Today's Media

Morrison, T., Conaway, WA. Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands

Osborn, M. and OSborn, S Public Speaking

Samovar, LA, Porter RE, and McDaniel, ER Intercultural Communication: A reader

Computer Applications

Faigley, L The Longman Guide to the Web

Parson, JJ and Oja, D New Perspectives on Computer concepts: comprehensive

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