Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Joe Louis' First Memory - Margery Miller Welles

A founding author of Sports Illustrated, my grandma has been 
nominated to join the International Boxing Hall of Fame. 

Margery Miller Welles -my grandma- witnessed one of the 
most important sporting events in American history in 1938 at age 15 when 
her father took her to Yankee Stadium to watch Joe Louis fight Max Schmeling. 
For her Wellesley College thesis she wrote a bio of Joe titled, 
"Joe Louis: American" which was published before she graduated in 1945 and 
reviewed by Ring Magazine founder Nat Fleischer and Eleanor Roosevelt. 

My grandma's Wellesley senior thesis- "Joe Louis: American"
“By the time he was four years old, he was the errand boy for the family. One of his earliest memories is that of being given a basket full of fried chicken by his mother, to be delivered to his older brothers, who were picking cotton in the fields.

‘After I got out of sight of the house.’ Joe says, ‘I wanted powerful bad to lift up the cover on that basket. I wasn’t going to do anything wrong- just look at that chicken and maybe smell it, ‘cause it was warm and I knew it would smell good. So I lifted up the cover and looked inside. Oh, my, how that smelled! I sat down under a shade tree, and I really got to work on that chicken. When I got to the fields and my brothers saw what I had done, they whipped me good but it was worth it.’”

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