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Chronology of the Catholic Church - Hans Kung

Already having formal education in both the Anglican and Catholic traditions, this summer I'm doing independent reading in an effort to study how the Buddhism and Christianity relate. 

Hans Kung - a theological consultant for the Second Vatican Council - included the following 
chronology in The Catholic Church, A Short History:

I. The Beginnings of the Church 
(Most of the dates in Chapters I and II and approximate.) 

30 Crucifixtion of Jesus of Nazareth
35 Conversion of Paul
43 Execution of James the son of Zebedee
48 Apostolic council in Jeruselem
48/49 Paul's first missionary journey
50 Paul's 1 Thessalonians (the earliest writing of the New Testament)
52 Paul's 1 Corinthians
60-64 Imprisonment of Paul and execution in Rome
62 Execution of James the brother of the Lord, leader of the earliest Jerusalem community
64-66 First persecutions of Christians, under the emperor Nero. Execution of Peter?
66 Emigration of the Jewish Christians to Pella (Transjordan)
70 Conquest of Jerusalem and destruction of the second temple

 II. The Early Catholic Church 

81-96 Second persecution of Christians, under the emperor Domitian
90 Letter of Clement
100 Didache, earliest Christian church order
110 Letters and execution of Bishop Ignatius of Antioch
165 Execution of the Philosopher Justin
185-251 Origen
249-251 First general persecution of Christians, under the emperor Decius

III. The Imperial Catholic Church 

313 The emperor Constantine guarantees freedom of religion 
325 The emperor Constantine sole ruler. First Ecumenical Council, of Nicaea 
354-430 Aurelius Augustine (395 bishop of Hippo) 
381 Second Ecumenical Council, of Constantinople. The emperor Theodosius the Great declares Catholic doctrine the state religion and later prohibits all pagan cults 
395 Death of Theodosius and division of the Roman empire into an Eastern and a Western Empire 
410 Conquest of "Eternal Rome" by Alaric's West Goths 
431 Third Ecumenical Council, of Ephesus 

My Copy of Hans Kung's "The Catholic Church"
Photo By: Donna Welles 07/17/2012

IV. The Papal Church 

440-461 Pope Leo the Great 
451 Fourth Ecumenical Council, of Chalcedon 
476 Downfall of the Western Roman Empire 
492-496 Pope Gelasius I 
498/499 Baptism of Clovis, king of the Franks 
527-565 Emperor Justinian 
590-604 Pope Gregory the Great 
622 Beginning of the Islamic era 
800 Coronation of Charlemagne in St. Peter's 
858-867 Pope Nicholas I 
1046 Synods of Sutri and Rome, with the deposition of three rival popes by King Henry III 

V. The Church is Split 

1049-1054 Pope Leo IX 
1054 Breach between Rome and the church of Constantinople 
1073-1085 Pope Gregory VII. Investiture dispute 
1077 King Henry IV goes to Canosa 
1095 Pope Urban II summons the First Crusade 
1198-1216 Pope Innocent III 
1202-1204 Fourth Crusade. Plundering of Constantinople and establishment of a Latin empire with a Latin hierarchy 
1209 Meeting of Innocent III and Francis of Assisi 
1215 Fourth Lateran Council 
1225-1274 Thomas Aquinas 
1294-1303 Pope Boniface VIII, imprisoned in Anagni 
1309-1376 Exile of the popes in Avignon 
1378-1417 Western Schism: two, then three popes 
1414-1418 Ecumenical Council of Constance. Execution of John Hus 

VI. Reform, Reformation, or Counter-Reformation 

1483-1546 Martin Luther 
1484-1531 Huldrych Zwingli 
1509-1564 John Calvin 
1517 Luther publishes theses on indulgences 
1520 Luther's great programmatic writings 
1521 Diet of Worms. Luther under the imperial ban 
1530 Diet of Augsburg: Augsburg Confession 
1534-1549 Pope Paul III 
1535 Calvin's Institutio Religionis Christianae (last edition, 1559) 
1545-1563 Council of Trent 
1549 Book of Common Prayer of the Anglican Church 
1618-1648 Thirty Years War 
1648 Peace of Westphalia 

VII. The Catholic Church Versus Modernity 

1633 Galileo Galilei before the Inquisition. Descartes post-pones publication of the treatise On the World
1678 Confiscation of Richard Simon's Critical History of the Old Testament 
1779 Lessing's Nathan the Wise 
1781 Kant's Critique of Pure Reason 
1789 French Revolution. Declaration of Human Rights 
1792 September massacre 
1797-1798 Abolition of the papal state and proclamation of the Roman Republic 
1799 Napoleon's coup d'etat 
1814-1815 Congress of Vienna and restoration of the papal state 
1848 Revolutions in Europe. The Communist Manifesto 
1846-1878 Pius IX 
1854 Dogma of the immaculate conception of Mary 
1864 Syllabus of Modern Errors 
1869-1870 First Vatican Council. The primacy of jurisdiction and infallibility of the pope defined. The Old Catholic Church is founded in reaction 

VIII. The Catholic Church - Present and Future 

1878-1903 Pope Leo XIII 
1891 Social encyclical Rerum Novarum 
1903-1914 Pope Pius X 
1910 Antimodernist Oath 
1914-1918 First World War 
1914-1922 Pope Benedict XV 
1922-1939 Pope Pius XI 
1929 Lateran Treaty with Mussolini 
1933 Concordat with Hitler 
1937 Encyclical Mit brennender Sorge 
1939-1945 Second World War. Holocaust 
1939-1958 Pius XII 
1950 Dogma of Mary's physical assumption into heaven. Encyclical Humani generis against the errors of the time 
1958-1963 Pope John XXIII. Encyclical Pacem in terris 
1962-1965 Second Vatican Council 
1961-1978 Pope Paul VI 
1967 Encyclical Sacerdotalis coelibatus for compulsory celibacy 
1968 Encyclical Humanae vitae against contraception 
1978 Pope John Paul I (Albino Luciani) 
1978 Pope John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla)

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