Saturday, August 18, 2012

Day Trip to Decatur (08/18/12) #ATL


Today I took a day trip from my home on the Georgia Tech campus to 
a posh suburb of Atlanta called Decatur. Along the way I 
uploaded pictures and historical tidbits to my Twitter account.

Woke up early this morning, crossed the bridge from GT
and found some eggs and a bagel in ATL Midtown.
(This was the view from the bridge on my way.)
View from Subway

A round trip Marta subway ticket costs $5 plus a one-time purchase of a $1 'breeze card'.

Took these from the subway window on my way back
to Georgia Tech after Decatur. (Westbound Blue Line)

Inside the terminal waiting to change trains.
Atlanta's subway has a vertical cross pattern, I went south a few stops on
the Gold Line from GT and East on the Blue several stops to Decatur. 

Upon Arrival in Decatur

Rode the subway w/ several @georgiatech football players on my way to visit Decatur. Trial run for the Labor Day #bookfestival

Took a self-guided tour of the local churches and I found that there are 
two different buildings named "Decatur First United Methodist Church" located about a block apart. 
A local woman told me that these buildings belong to the 
same congregation, but hold different services. 

Impressive churches here in #Decatur GA "Decatur First United Methodist Church" 
#Decatur First United Methodist Church #ATL 

Decatur First United Methodist Church
Decatur First United Methodist Church

Holy Trinity Episcopal in #Decatur Has outdoor stations of the cross.#ATL 

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church

DeKalb Co courthouse. Named for "Baron J. DeKalb, native German fought gallantly for American freedom." #ATL 

DeKalb County Courthouse 
The Varsity

Stopped by the Varsity on my way home, known to be the 
biggest drive thru hamburger place in the world. 
(Myself, I'm partial to Cali's In N Out Burger.)

A small section of the windows where patrons order.
The Varsity is located near All Saints Episcopal Church
near the North Ave. Marta station. 

The Varsity has abnormal combo meals -
you can get a burger AND a hotdog, etc. 

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