Saturday, July 26, 2014

MEMO: US - Japan - India Strategic Triangle

US - India

US concern re % of Indian men who are guilty of rape, gang rape.

Corruption likely to be somewhat curbed under Modi, but endemic in nature re US business interests.

India has intelligence, standing army, motivation and will to oppose China.

India is world's biggest democracy.

Concern India will share US intelligence within unknown other parties.

Japan - India

Japan in control.

Complimentary in terms of land vs. sea powers.

Natural allies re China.

Japanese companies seem to do better in India than US companies.

US - Japan

US would GREATLY benefit from Japanese intelligence re everything in Pacific, Japanese technology.

Japan likely to share US intelligence with unknown other parties.

Japan seems genuinely ready to oppose China.

US vs Japan + India

Constant curiosity as to what India and Japan are planning, seem to be already coordinating efforts re US.

US newcomer to Asia, would be wise to set up protocols and maintain them.

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