Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Saudis - Epicenter of the Arab World, Parallel to Imperial China and Moscow's Prince

Date: September 24, 2014

MEMORANDUM: Saudis - Epicenter of the Arab World, Parallel Imperial China and Moscow's Prince

What is the structure of the Arab world? 

Saudi royal family is well respected by all, they are a royal family among royal families in the Arab world. US allies because Saudis see it as a service they provide to the Arab world to mediate between Arabs and the West. Modern times this means they set the world's oil prices. Also, they have the worldliness and the sophistication to not degrade their heritage through deception and coercion. They are legitimately our allies.

Like imperial China, the Arab world consists of a spiral outward from the Saudi family epicenter, other royal families and modern authoritarian regimes look to the Saudis for guidance.

Why doesn't a caucus work in Iraq? 

Arab world is an organized group of principalities similar to what existed in ancient Russia. Each of these principalities has a prince. The princes organize themselves and they look to a prince among princes. Moscow emerged in ancient Russia because Moscow's prince was the first to deny the Mongols their tribute. Saudi family parallels the ancient Muscovite prince, Ivan III or Ivan the Great.

So, to ask one town in Iraq to send 8 representatives and another to send 4, the Iraqis would view that as weak and inefficient.

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