Sunday, November 30, 2014

Catholic - Reconciliation Primer - #Monotheism #Welles

Date: Nov 30, 2014
Works 10 out of 10 of Catholocism to Civilization..Rite of Reconciliation...

Catholic - Reconciliation Primer - #Monotheism #Welles 


Unique to Catholicism: 

Math model re when realize committed sin, immediately process realignment. Must be canonized Catholic to receive sacrament of Reconciliation, must be w Catholic priest I Catholic mass post penance.

Anglicanism has a "Rite of the Penitent" but Anglicans not trained, sacrament not powerful.

Judasim, Islam absent. Muslim means "we're not Hindus but we fast a lot". Judasim means "God,religion of the Jews".


Formal Catholic Indoctrination, takes several months of intense study #BareMinimum
Catholic Priest
Personal Inventory re nature of Sin
Mass once penance complete


Once realize sin, immediately confess to God. Soon as can, run to Catholic priest and confess. Priest will bless you and ordain penance. Complete penance, thank God, attend Mass w Holy Communion. Feel much better.

::Enter into Rasputin theology re do this much makes closer to God -- WARNING ::

Personal Inventory of Sin: 

Before confess to priest, perhaps whiling driving in car...conceptualize what was your sin? Re 10 commandments, 7 deadly sins. What did you do? Why was this a sin against God, yourself, and your neighbor?

Be aware re Venial, Mortal sins. Mortal sins means already in purgatory while walking around. Notice others already in purgatory, they breath air but they're already dead. Can return alive if confess, mass, I tak dale….

Euphoria once mass complete. Stay with it, life will get hard again. Pray in the mornings and do novenas. Thank God as often as can, talk to God as often as can.

..DISCLAIMER: Only Works if Fully Intend to Not Repeat Sin...Requires Mental Health....

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