Saturday, November 15, 2014

MEMO: How for heavy people to lose weight? -- Decrease Stress Level

How for heavy people to lose weight? 

It is a state of stress that is keeping you fat. Your brain, psyche is always exhausted and you literally need, require food/carbs to keep you walking around during the day and well enough to make it home at night.


Meaningfully decrease stress level and improve diet. Don't listen to your ipod as you walk. OK cleaning the house or on your computer, but in the car and walking around your brain needs to relax. Ipod music keeps your brain in a trance like Ambien and that's OK to fight against stress but it's like drinking soda, it would be better if you did it not that often.

As much as you possibly can, lie in bed in the dark and be still. Sit in the quiet and be still. Feel your muscles relaxing. Your muscles will relax before your mind will. When your mind starts to relax is when you'll stop craving bad food.

Craving vs Requireing: 

You require bad food when you're so tired you can barely stand. The rest of the time it's like smoking cigarettes.


Spend some time each day if you can sitting on the floor stretching your legs and that will losen your muscles, help your mind relax.

Example on what to eat: 

Danishes always make you gain weight unless it's literally the only thing you eat all day..

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