Friday, November 28, 2014

MEMO: Insanity Brief re Marathon Battle of

MEMORANDUM: Insanity Brief re Marathon Battle of
Date: November 28, 2014

Battle of Marathon - Sequence w Thermopolae

Take Away: Periods of insanity re overwhelming
Herodotus reported that at the battle of Marathon there was a point, period of insanity among the Greek soldiers.

Akin to the Battle of Thermopolea 

Battle of Marathon - Greek Victory, Spartans v Darius

Battle of Thermopolea - Spartans wiped from the Earth re Xerxes

Transition from one to the other - Persian Invasions from the Sea 

Marathon had Persian combatants, overwhelming and Spartan soldiers lost composure. Clearly able to regroup as the battle of Marathon was an indisputable victory for the Greeks. Persians went back to Persia. What was left of them…..

Thermopolea…Persians brought even more troops and Spartans had no chance…..

Political Context 

Marathon was the first interaction bw Greeks, Persians. Athens asked Persia for help re Sparta, Persia interpreted this as Athens bec part of the Persian Empire. Athens wanted to be peers, allies while Persia at the time didn't have those. Athens resolved their dispute w Sparta "wo" Persia, when Persia asked for their tribute Athens so no…..Darius rolls up to Marathon and…..

Inevitable that Persia and the Greeks would meet but it was Athens asking for asst re Sparta that broke the ice…..Marathon sent the Persians home but Xerxes returned w more soldiers…..

Also, unknown what Athens was doing at Themopolea…….or Marathon..

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