Saturday, March 14, 2015

Notes: Fire of Rome, Nero re Tacitus. Welles. 5/3 2015.

Notes: Fire of Rome, Nero re Tacitus

5 March, 2015

Immediately re preceded re The most prodigal, notorious banquet re Tigellinus.

Now started re most terrible, destructive fire which Rome had ever experienced.

Start re Circus, Violent re level spaces.
Climbed the hills.
But returned re ravaged the lower ground region.

"It outstripped every counter-measure." pg. 86

Chaos description re pg. 86.

"Nobody dared re fight the flames.
Attempts re prevented by re menacing gangs.
Torches, too, were openly thrown in,
By men crying re acted under orders.
Perhaps they had received orders.
Or they may just have wanted to plunder unhampered." pg 86, 87.

Lenten Reading 2015

Lenten Reading 2015

Welles, Donna E.

Welles, Donna E.

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