Saturday, March 14, 2015

Tacitus: Trials re Two. Seneca, C Timarchus; per Nero Madness. 14/3. Welles.

Trials re same charge, two defense.

Tacitus re Grant.

Donna Welles

Notes: re Autocracy re trial, Tacitus

March 1, 2015

Burrus dead, likely poison. "I am alright." pg. 66

Seneca vulnerable, charged re extravagance. Request re audience re Nero, granted.

Seneca: I'm aware that I am wealthy, but remember you gave me my wealth.

Nero: Oh yes, you deserve it!

Tacitus: Seneca expressed his gratitude (all conversations with autocrats end like that). Pg 71.

Tacitus, Madness re Nero. Trans re M Grant d. 2004.

Welles, Donna E.

Notes. Re Trial re Cretan, C Timarchus, Tacitus

5 March, 2015

Pg. 79.

"Proposing re def re banished from Crete,
Reminded re Senate how re
Experience showed that
Among right think men,
Good laws
Beneficial precedents re
Prompted by other men's misdeeds.

Punishments, re Cretan,
Come re
After crimes,
And rectifications,
After abuses.

Quoted Cincian bill re
Excess of advocates
Quoted Julian Laws re
Corrupt re Candidates
Calpurnian Enactments re
Rapacity of officials

Welles, Donna E.

Welles Donna E.

Lenten Reading 2015

Lenten Reading 2015

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