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Titus: Prodigy, War hero re Jerusalem. Welles. 19/3.

Titus: Prodigy, War hero re Jerusalem. Welles. 19/3.

b. 30 Dec, AD 41. yr Gaius d. 
     "the house which is still 
     standing is open to the public"

#2  Child w Britannicus, @ table, drank poison also, ill where Br ymep. Prophecy re Titus emp, -Br. Later, T built 2 statues K Br-y: gold, ivory.

#3 Prodigy, genius. Latin or Greek.

#4 "active, efficient colonel in Germany, Britain" 
    -statues re both countries
War hero re Judea.

#5 "Titus was presently
     sent to congratulate 
     Galba on his accession"

Re confusion, empire in state of
     "turned back to visit an oracle" of 
  re yes, you'll be the Emperor

"and he was left to complete
   the conquest of Judea."

"In the final assault
   on Jerusalem Titus
managed to kill 12 of the
   garrison w successive
      and the city was captured
on his daughter's birthday."

Re Impetrator:
re to Vespasian: "Here I am, father,
                   Here I am!"

Welles, Donna E.
Welles, Donna E. 

"Titus was

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