Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Notes: Pornographic Websites Banned in Republic of Tartarstan. (Welles. 14,4. 2015.)

Century-old law cited in request to ban 136 porn sites from Republic of Tatarstan

What does this mean?

Russia and the PRC are both experimenting with the concept of internet freedom.
This law can hardly be protested in polite settings, as it bemoans pornography.
This law might also softly raise awareness for human trafficking.
Are Russian laws in sync with California in terms of mandatory condoms in the Adult Film industry? 

Russia and the PRC are communicating in terms of influence over Central Asia.
Some of this affects natural gas pipelines from Iran.

I personally favor the Romanov dynasty over the PRC.
I wonder how we can incorporate Taipei into issues per Central Asia?

Welles, Donna E. 
Welles, Donna E. 

14,4. 2015.

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