Monday, May 11, 2015

Albania. What is going on? 10,5. 2015. Welles.

Albania. What is going on? 10,5. 2015. Welles. 

Serbia, Albania, Macedonia. (Italy)

Albania, armed to the teeth population.
Albania, economy based on manufacturing. 
Albania, economy a little bigger than Macedonia.
Albania, economy a little more advanced than Macedonia.
Albania, economy per bilateral trade w Italy.

Ethnic, violent Albanians have attempted to move East.
Bigger countries, Serbia & Italy.

Small country invading a smaller country.
Albania invading Macedonia. 
Big brother, Serbia. (Automobile industry.)
Trading partner, Italy.
Albania lies between Italy & Macedonia.
Albania cannot gain territory West, so it moved East.

10, 5. 2015. 

Welles, Donna E. 
Welles, Donna E.

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