Monday, May 4, 2015

Bilateral Trade. South America. United States, PRC, Japan, Russia. 4,5. 2015. Welles.

I have completed for now my research, bilateral trade in South America.

I have found that the PRC is active, 5 biggest economies.
   Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Chile, and Venezuela.
I have found that the PRC sells to the following countries, but does not buy from them.   
   Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, Ecuador, Guyana, Suriname.
I have found that the PRC is not active in some of the smaller economies.
   Trinidad & Tobago, French Guiana.

I have found that Russia has minimal economic impact on South America.
   Russia buys from Ecuador and Paraguay.

I have found that Japan is more active in South America.
   Japan sells to Peru, and Suriname.
   Japan buys from Chile, Peru, and Ecuador.

United States.
I have found that the United States is active in each country.
   Gaps in United States coverage, United States does not buy from Uruguay, Peru, or Paraguay.
   Uruguay, Peru, and Paraguay have moderately-sized GDPs.

I have generated the chart below.


Donna Welles
4,5. 2015.

Source: Wikipedia.

Ecuador Export goods. Petroleum, bananas, cut flowers, shrimp, cacao, coffee, wood, fish.
Paraguay Export goods. Soybeans, feed, cotton, meat, edible oils, electricity, wood, leather.

1 Brazil 1903
2 Argentina 947.6
3 Columbia 640.1
4 Chile 409.3
   Japan Buys Only.
5 Venezuela 402.1
6 Peru 368
   PRC Sells Only.
   Japan Buys and Sells.
7 Ecuador 170
   PRC Sells Only.
   Russia Buys Only.
   Japan Buys Only.
8 Uruguay 55.7
9 Paraguay 54.8
   PRC Sells Only.
   Russia Buys Only.
10 Bolivia 30.6
   PRC Sells Only.
11 Trinidad & Tobago 27.1
   No PRC.
12 Suriname 6.7
   PRC Sells Only.
   Japan Sells Only.
13 Guyana 6.1
   PRC Sells Only.
14 French Guiana 3.5
   No PRC.

Paraguay, Ecuador
Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Suriname

China is NOT:
Trinidad & Tobago, French Guiana.
(Small GDPs)

China is NOT:
Bolivia Exports
Paraguay Exports
Peru Exports
Ecuador Exports
Guyana Exports
Suriname Exports

United States is NOT:
Uruguay Exports
Peru Exports
Paraguay Exports 

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