Wednesday, May 20, 2015

[(Burundi. Status Report.) 20,5. 2015. Welles.]

[(Burundi. Status Report.) 20,5. 2015. Welles.]

Parliamentary Elections, June 5.
Presidential Election, June 26.

Failed Coup, Tanzania Peace Talks
Calm, after the storm of the "failed coup".
"Failed Coup" occurred, during Tanzania talks while President Pierre N was out of the country.
President Pierre N, vows no retaliation.
Few of the Coup Leaders, on the run.
Hutus. Tutsis.

Refugee, Mortality Figures
105,000 people have fled.
Casualties, less than 100.

President Pierre N, seems intent on running for reelection.
Are the protesters as intent on ousting him?
(5 year terms, been in office since 2005)

African Union
Unknown, African Union view.
Does the African Union have a position, third term election?
Burundi supplies troops, African Union peacekeeping mission in Somalia.

West Africa, Concept of the Two Term Presidency
There was a bill in West Africa, just got withdrawn.
Would have made it mandatory, ALL presidents in the region limited to two terms.

20,5. 2015.

Welles, Donna E.
Welles, Donna E. 

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