Sunday, May 3, 2015

Chart: PRC, Rank in terms of Exports, Imports. List by GDP, Descending. 3,5. 2015. Welles.

I have completed for now my research into the bilateral trade status, South African nations.
I learned that Angola has a lopsided trade relationship with the PRC, as they exchange oil, diamonds for electronics, manufactured goods.
I learned that the PRC is the #1 trading partner for 140 countries globally.
So, I wondered the nature of other bilateral trade arrangements in South Africa, the PRC.

Here is the chart I have generated.
It is in descending order, GDP.
Highlighted in purple, countries where neither the PRC, nor the United States are active.
Highlighted in blue, countries where the United States is active.

My conclusions are as follows:
The PRC ranks higher in terms of Export, Import partner, size of GDP. Direct Relationship.
Zimbabwe is something of an anomaly, but I learned that it is much like Angola.
     Zimbabwe exports gold, platinum.
     Zimbabwe imports consumer goods.
     This explains the PRC role in their bilateral trade relationship.
So, both Angola and Zimbabwe enjoy lopsided bilateral trade relationships with the PRC.
So, Angola is not an isolated case.

Another thing I read is that Chinese wealthy are turning toward silver from gold.
Another thing I read is that India is importing the gold, PRC used to import.

Donna Welles. 
3,5. 2015.

Sources: Wikipedia, Foreign Affairs May/June 2015.

Integrated Chart: PRC, Rank in terms of Exports, Imports. List by GDP, Descending.

1 South Africa 350. 1E, 1I.
2 Angola 130. 1E, 1I.
3 Botswana 34
4 Mozambique 26.7. 3E, 2I.
5 Zambia 24.3. 1E, 3I.
6 Namibia 17.8
7 Madagascar 10.1. 2E, 3I.
8 Zimbabwe 7.3. 1E, 2I.
9 Malawi 3.6. 6E, 1I. 

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