Sunday, May 3, 2015

Notes: ("Europe's Shattered Dream of Order". Kratsev, Leonard.) Welles. 3,5. 2015. Foreign Affairs.

Notes: Europe's Shattered Dream of Order. 
How Putin is Disrupting the Atlantic Alliance. 
Ivan Kratsev and Mark Leonard. 
Foreign Affairs. May, June. 2015.   

China per Ukraine:
"natural adjustment of borders" rather than a challenge to international order.

Turkey, India, Indonesia, Brazil did not go along with the US-Europe sanctions against Russia.  

68% of Italians said "they would outright refuse" to fight for their country. 2014. WIN/Gallup International survey.
29, 27, 18. France, Britain, Germany. [Confusing Poll]  

Role of Azerbaijan.
2010 Parliamentary Elections.  

Problem I have with Article, Logic:   

Says, we must keep sanctions.
If we do not keep sanctions, then we recognize RF in Ukraine.
If we do not keep sanctions, it would be like saying it's fine for the USSR to occupy the Baltic States.

Who are these authors?   

Vienna, Institute for Human Sciences
European Council of Foreign Relations  

3,5. 2015.   

Welles, Donna E. 
Welles, Donna E. 

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