Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Theory re Research Design - Werner von Braun

DAR #907509

Theory re Research Design - Werner von Braun
Date: December 30, 2014

VB sev unsuccessful V2 rocket tests, Europe mainland.

VB sev unsuccessful 2V rocket tests, West Hem.

DAR #907509

Monday, December 15, 2014

MEMO: History of Ukraine re Russian Orthodox Church

MEMORANDUM: History of Ukraine re Russian Orthodox Church
Date: Dec 15, 2014

Important re Song of Igor's Campaign.
Important re Song of Igor's Campaign.

Ancient History re Kievan Rus: 

900 AD Vikings sailed down river, founded Kiev when ditched boats. Walked North, East.

Moscow emerges re capital Russia: 

Rus exist principalities, Song of Igor's Campaign oldest Russian literature. Complains no unification. Mongols invade 13th C. 15th C Ivan III of Moscow denies Mongols tribute. Moscow easier to defend than Kiev. Ukraine means on the edge or perhaps southern blue heron.

East vs West relation re Monarch, Church: 

West looks to Rome, church separate entity. Tsar and ROC same. Even QoE looks to Archbishop of Canterbury.

20th C Ukraine History: 

Lenin gen territory Ukraine to Germans re end WWI. Stalin re famine, great.

Modern Ukraine relationship w ROC: 

Communism replaced ROC re morals, after fall USSR vacuum. Some churches held in trailers rather than tserkovs. ROC priests had been KGB. What are the Huron to do?

Konechno split re East and West pulls. Ukrainians don't want Catholicism, Anglicanism.

Ideally, ROC acts re mechanism to disseminate formal education, morals.

Important re Song of Igor's Campaign.
Important re Song of Igor's Campaign.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

MEMO: Army Airmen Europe, Naval Aviators Pacific re WWII

MEMORANDUM: Army Airmen Europe, Naval Aviators Pacific re WWII 
Date: December 10, 2014

Army Airmen, bombers in Europe

Naval Aviators, carriers in the Pacific

Army Airmen, bombers in Europe: 

Slower, bigger planes.

German anti-aircraft guns, artillery on par w Panzers, Tigers.

Longer trips.

Naval Aviators, carriers in the Pacific: 

Smaller, faster planes.

Less flight time.

Not vulnerable to most destructive Japanese weapon - Kamikaze. (Henry Allison Page III, USS Birmingham, May 1945)

Japanese anti-aircraft guns, no artillery, not fly as high, less explosive, less accurate.


Army airmen experience during WWII more strain re PTSD, casualties.

See 12 o'clock high w Gregory Peck

Monday, December 8, 2014

MEMO: Stephen re the Apostle Paul's Death

MEMORANDUM: Stephen re the Apostle Paul's Death
Date: December 8, 2014

What happened? 

Saul watched re henchmen stoned to death Stephen, the Martyr. Stephen before, during said his attackers knew not God power. "You have no idea what you are doing. When God finds out he'll be angry."

Later, as Saul was on his way home...Jesus appear before him and said, "Why have you killed me?" Paul was blinded, waited for help which came in form of alt disciple.


Likely both the Holy Spirit and God appeared to Saul, sent Jesus finally.

Stephen died because he spoke truth to power.

Why did God allow Stephen to be stoned to death?

Did God love Stephen?

Inherent Paradox: 

Assumption: This was written long ago.
Proof: God stoned Stephen. God loves Stephen.

Resolve the Paradox: 

Notions of Human free will…… #tedious

Stephen's faith was such that it seemed he didn't even mind being stoned. #Miracle

Sunday, December 7, 2014

MEMO: Modern South American re German Imperialism


MEMORANDUM: Modern South America re German Imperialism
Date: Dec 7, 2014

Strategic Triangle: 

Portugal, Brazil,  Peru

Old World Actors: 

Italy,  Germany,  Russia

Relevant History re Strategic Triangle: 

Peruvian natives peaceful, build Incan paradise in mountains. Eat coca leaves re climb. Herders, other econ re mountains.

Brazilian natives vulnerable to Portuguese. Recently convert Amazon to beef prod.

Relevant History re Old World Actors: 

Bad Italians work with the Germans.

German imperialism has no navy.

Russian imperialism only has navy sometimes. Tsar means no boats, boats brought the plague.

Modern Implications: 

Russian-German economy interlinked re Sir Martin, Germany has no navy but able to project power re web transactions. Russians re capital flight, re #NewWorld sports teams. Not inherently Russian as Russia is Eurasia-based land empire re Yakutia.

German imperialism repercussions re Euro. Nazis fled to Argentina, Pinochet in Chile. No middle east = Pinochet, native peoples fire re volcanoes. Holy See South America as land of opportunity. Work w Portuguese and re Portuguese.

Research Questions???? 

Where is Spain re German imperialism #NewWorld?

How old is German imperialism?

Reminder re Pope Francis of Argentina.


Saturday, December 6, 2014

MEMO: Why Russian struggle re Good Tanks?


MEMORANDUM: Why Russians struggle re Good Tanks?
Date: December 6, 2014

When did it start? 

Nicholas II and his father, Alexander III

Why did they not industrialize when the Germans did? 

NII, AIII were fine re Russians serfs…

Also, they descend from Catherine II, the Great of Germany. Catherine was a Lutheran who converted to Orthodoxy, learned Russia. She imprisoned, executed her husband the tsar. Catherine's son, Paul, hated his mother so much he decreed that never again should a woman be allow to be the tsar. To be fair, the German (nemka) married into the Romanov family, she should have been something of a crown prince. (There is no Russian word for Crown Prince.)))))))))) Tsar means no boats.

What happened in WWII? 

Russian engineers designed elite tanks.

Manufacturing sector, materials lacking even though Stalin spent the 1930's modernizing.


Oligarchs need to ensure Russian soldiers have elite tanks. Engineers can, have designed them but still lacking in manufacturing capacity, raw materials. There is no excuse for this, the wealth of the Russian forest providse.

Also, historical precident is that the tsar can, does reclaim an oligarch's property instantly, bogati (god in a box) Russians are responsible for the building, maintenance of Russian Orthodox tserkovs which are sprinkled throughout the countryside. Poor Russians always have a luxurious place to sit, meditate re God.


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

MEMO: Domino Effect Theory - LBJ will be the Last One

MEMORANDUM: Domino Effect Theory - LBJ will be the Last One
Date: December 2, 2014

But for we went to Vietnam.


LBJ said satellite nations will convert re Communism.

At time, LBJ no realize diff forms of Communists….China was re Vietnam not the USSR.

More flaws..CIA loses legitimacy in Central America.

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Donna Welles @DonnaWelles
#ColdWar IR theorists....Brazhnev Politburo is unknown but imp... #inpenetrable... X article.... #containment....front burner... @Telegraph

Donna Welles @DonnaWelles
X article...by George Kennan...Kennan could never get that there are 1-3,4 front burners....rest needs to lie low.... #containment...St Tak?

Donna Welles @DonnaWelles
What I think re #Containment?: @Telegraph Preferable to nuclear war....were the #cropBurnings necc? At time.... MGU..... Rus Fed not like...

Donna Welles @DonnaWelles
Alternatives to X #Containment?: Bad part - military industrial complex. Lit #Reagan bankrupted USSR. Bigger deal than realize.. #strategy?

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Modern #Containment re #UkraineCrisis2014....need study nature of Eastern Europe...organic power structures....#poland empire no Ukr.

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Invented Ukr Joke re imcompatability .... Ukraine and West Europe. ))))))))) Ask me later.... BodKa i Pit. Eta .... i tak dale....shudka...

Donna Welles @DonnaWelles
Did we have to #contain South, Central America? "This hemisphere intends to remain the master of its own house!" - JFK @Telegraph #ColdWar

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What ws the plan re #containment in South, Central America? As said, MGU no joke...don't think cause famen though...

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Bad parts re #Containment in Americas...."This hemisphere intends to remain the master of its own house!" - JFK.... #Kennan1947 ))))))))))

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Questions re #containment theory let me know, major if not only #ColdWar IR theory worth.....))))))))))) @navalny @KremlinRussia )))))) ???

Monday, December 1, 2014

ResProp: Break Down Light Pole into Components, Assign Values Origins

Research Proposal: Break Down Light Pole into Components, Assign Values Origins
Date: December 1, 2014

Research Design: 

Take 1, maybe 2 street posts - break down into roughly 20 pieces…..locate:

Company manufactured

Chemical Composition of Component (CCoC)

Origin of Country re CCoC


Seems a lot of this aluminum is coming from Russia, Africa. Would like to know which country, which mine, safety of mine….

Yet unknown what else we'll find.




Photos re Light Pole, Street Post.